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Zenithal Blue Technologies S.L.U, is a company based in Barcelona, Spain, specialised in engineering services for microwave remote sensors and in the management of radio frequency interference.





Zenithal Blue technologies is coordinating the operational activities for the development of new processing algorithms for ESA’s Earth Observation satellite SMOS. As well as providing expertise support in the calibration of the instrument.

Radio Frequency Interference

RFI localisation

Zenithal Blue technologies has developed an accurate RFI geolocation algorithm that has allowed ESA to switch off several hundred RFI sources in the protected portion of the L-band

RFI simulator

Zenithal Blue technologies has developed a Radio Frequency Interference simulator for assessing the RFI mitigation capabilities of ESA’s future remote sensing satellites

RFI detection

Zenithal Blue technologies has developed the Ground RFI Detection Station. GRDS is the state-of-the-art in RFI detection for Earth Observation satellites. GRDS improves RFI detection by combining several detection methods, and the use of internal and external information.

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